AAP Wrestling | Our Favorite Wrestlers

  • 1. The Undertaker
    His persona was as big as his ego. Since bursting on the scene in 1990, The Undertaker has thrilled wrestling fans like no other wrestler.
    2. Hulk Hogan
    Hulk Hogan is a close second to The Undertaker. He is the original wrestling superstar.
    3. Brock Lesnar
    Although Brock Lesnar devoted some time to the WWE, the 'impact' he generated throughout those days undoubtedly counts a lot.
  • 4. Ric Flair
    Rik Flair AKA 'Nature Boy' has been among the 80s most accomplished wrestlers. He holds the record for the most World Heavyweight Championship wins.
    5. The Rock
    Essentially the most fascinating dude in sports entertainment put in just under a Decade with the WWE right before heading off to The show biz industry.
    6. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Steve Austin AKA 'Stone Cold Steve Austin' is one of the most flamboyant wrestlers of all time. His fame turned WWE in to a money making machine.